Guided by stars.

I love traveling Japan by train to the point where I hope to reach every prefecture someday. I'm about halfway there as it stands.

Here are pictures of the train signs of the significant places I've been, accompanied by descriptions. Or just the signs of places I find interesting.


Sadly this blog has gone dead! I haven’t been in the habit of taking train sign pictures lately :( 

But if by chance you’re interested in general Japan traveling stuff, follow my main blog over at!

Permalink Omiya is the train hub of Saitama. This sign is from the “new shuttle” line.
Permalink Washinomiya in Saitama is famous for being the setting of the anime, Lucky Star! The images of the characters are ever present all over the town, and you can even visit the shrine seen in the opening! As it is a functioning shrine though, please visit with respect.
Permalink Tatebayashi is a place home to the Japanese fairy tale “Bunbuku Chagama”. Don’t miss the tanuki shrine at Morinji temple!
Permalink Yabuzuka is a station in Ota, Gunma, close to a few crumbling, deserted tourist attractions that I do not recommend.
Permalink What, there’s ANOTHER one?! I already transferred at a station with the same unpronounceable name in Hyogo. This one is in Gunma.
Permalink Minakami is Gumna has a nice onsen I’ve heard. I transferred here for the local to Takasaki
Permalink Kiryu in Gunma manufactures textiles, I hear.
Permalink Shimmaebashi is a station in Maebashi, capital of Gunma.
Permalink Takasaki is Gunma’s train hub. It is also the home of the daruma doll.